Why the Ember Mug is the best Mug for Coffee Lovers


Earlier this year I got myself an Ember Mug 2 as a birthday present for myself.

I stumbled upon (or big tech deliberately planted) an Ember ad on my Instagram feed. I was initially confused but seemingly intrigued at the proposition.

The Ember Mug’s concept was simple: Keep coffee hot.

This immediately drew me in as I drink my coffee grudgingly slowly and the beverage inevitably cooled down to a displeasing room temperate, especially in the winter. I didn’t even know I had this problem until I saw this mug!

As I took a deeper look at the company and it’s promise a few things enticed me further:

  • The design of the mug was sleek, minimalist and fit my aesthetic
  • It could be wirelessly charged and controlled via Bluetooth (I despise wires)
  • It was simple (pour in coffee/tea and forget about it)

However, the $100 price tag was certainly not my cup of tea. After a week of internal deliberation I pulled the trigger and splurged (and I couldn’t be happier).

Set-up, Usage and Battery Life

Setting up the mug was as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. I installed the Ember app and paired my phone to the mug via Bluetooth.
  2. I set my favorite temperature to 58°C or 136° (max is 62.5C or 145F).
  3. I chose the color the mug displays when lifted (this is useful if you have multiple mugs in the house)

To use the mug all I had to do was pour in any hot beverage and the mug would automatically start holding the drink’s temperature to the favorite I set during set-up. If I wanted to increase or decrease the temperature all I had to do was go into the app and adjust it.

The mug’s battery life depends on the initial temperate of the drink and the desired temperature. Personally, I poured in coffee that was hotter (70°C) than my default temperature of 58°C. This meant I easily got between 1 to 1.5 hours of usage.

Once the battery got below 10% the mug’s light turned red and I got a notification on my phone.

To charge the mug all I had to do was place it on the included wireless charger. If you keep the wireless charger on your desk (like I do) then you can extend the battery life much further by always placing the mug on the charging plate between sips.


After using the mug (almost) daily for the past six months, I attest the mug not only keeps my coffee hot but looks good while doing do so. Everything that initially drew me in worked perfectly and I’ve had no issues thus far.

During the workweek I can take in my coffee while responding to the morning emails and messages without having to chug the coffee to ensure its hotness. On the weekend I can prepare a pot of French Press and leisurely sip on the coffee while getting the day started.

This mug has made me appreciate every sip of my morning coffee and made drinking the soaked bean water less of a race and more of an experience.

I highly recommend the Ember Mug 2 for all the tech and coffee nerds out there. It makes for a great gift for a hot beverage lover in your life or yourself.

For transparency, some Amazon reviews did state that the mug started chipping after a while. However, I haven’t had this issue and I predict this could be due to putting the mug in the dishwasher that I haven’t done yet, nor plan to.



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